Future Cormyr/Realms Product Ideas

1. A map book of modern day Cormyr, that divides the Forest Kingdom up by regions and features detailed maps of those regions. Cities, towns, hamlets, abandoned towns, ruins, odd terrain features, regular terrain features, wizard’s towers, noble estates, merchant estates, Crown fortifications, old quarries and mines, battle sites, temples…you name it, it’s on the map. And don’t include explanations of what everything is. As a DM I can do that. Just give me the names to help me get started.

2. A book of castles…no, scratch that. An ongoing monthly series that focuses on castles in Cormyr. There are SO many of them. I would like to see this series focus on Azoun’s Hold and Castle Nacacia to start. Layouts and cutaway artwork a must. Sidebars on the history of castle building in Cormyr would be awesome. Then move on to the castles that have been repurposed to house insane war wizards, retired Purple Dragons and noble criminals.

3. The depths below the Thunder Peaks. Show me where some (not all) of the active and inactive dragon lairs are at. What about illithids and beholders? Where do the Xraunrrar lair? What of the Giants of old? Have sky castles fallen to earth that have yet to be discovered? Where are the dwarves and the drow and the gnomes? The orcs and the hobgoblins? Then tell me how the denizens of the Thunder Peaks have influenced Cormyr down the centuries.

4. A one hundred page book of encounters, with both color and black and white drawings. Not just endless encounter lists, mind, but a concise “why things are the way they are” description of different parts of Cormyr that helps me as a DM to build my own encounters. Compare and contrast different areas to help me get the point. Then tell me about crazy things that happened in Cormyr’s past so I can see examples of just how wild it can get. THEN give me the lists and I will be way more amped to use them.

5. Volo’s Guide to Magic In Cormyr. And no I don’t want yet another description of the magical gear war wizards and Purple Dragons use. Don’t spend too much time on the wards of the palace and court, or the creations of the Sword Heralds. Give me everything else instead: all the baubles and trinkets made by mages that have gotten loose, the nature and kinds of magical cast offs that seem to litter the environs around war wizard schools (like the one at Espar), the endless variety and styles of wand crafting and spellbook making–tell me who has influenced the craft and how a PC might distinguish one style from another. Then give me a sample Council of Mages meeting by Ed Greenwood and intersperse the dry details of how such a meeting works around the story. Tell me about still lingering elf magic and what it was old Thauglomorious did to the Weave down the years. Give me mechanics, but keep it light. Tell me where awesome spell ingredients and materials to craft items for spellbooks can be found so I have a direction to send PCs in.

6. Expand Brian Cortino’s “Crowns and Mantles: the Ranks and Titles of Cormry” into a full 48 page softcover sourcebook. Give me NPC names that hold various titles and/or ranks at Court. Likewise for the Purple Dragons. Show me what the difference is between a Dragonfang Lord Investigator and a Sceptre of Justice. In other words, use this book as an opportunity to bust out some of the really cool courtly titles and give me the 411 on what the duties they entail and powers they confer.

7. A book of dungeons for Pete’s sake! There are enough abandoned castles in Cormyr that some of them must have cellars and tunnels below, so give me names, locations and a few maps, as well as spots sparse on details so I can fill them in myself.

8. A sourcebook featuring an unreliable narrator.

9. An article discussing the Haunted Wing of the Royal Palace, with a cutaway view and some history of this Palace wing.

10. A sourcebook that TEACHES me how to build believable dungeons in Cormyr. I.e. places that make sense, are not out of place and are not just randomly there. This is a book for Ed Greenwood.

11. Any sourcebook, adventure, article or novel set in Cormyr that is the product of a Jeff Grubb and Ed Greenwood team up. Those two make the magic happen.


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