Devoting our attention to what remains of Sraece

1. The mind of Sraece Telthorn is trapped between two magical Portals (Gates for us old timers). One opens in the vicinity of Waterdeep. The other near Yhaunn.

2. I figure Sraece is some sort of ghost-like creature. How about a Gate Haunt?

3. This would be a new kind of monster. Something that you can see out of the corner of your eye when the creature is not lurking in the in-between–the indefinable something that was forged when two places far part were linked together. The Gate Haunt watches both Gates, waiting to see if someone is coming.

4. I figure Sraece can implant ideas in people’s heads when they pass through the Portals, or if they camp near to one of the Portals. Like visions of who or what he was, and the last thing he saw/experienced (the dragon Iymrith ripping him apart in the in-between), to try and get recipients of his visions to search for the dragon’s lair, or to send messages to his loved ones, or find a way to free him.

5. I can’t imagine Sraece can possess someone like a standard ghost–at least he can’t yet. If a PC or NPC figured out someone was in the space between the gates and willingly tried to reach out while stepping from one side to the other, well then Sraece might be able to free himself. Developing stats for a Gate Haunt will be a Topic For Another Day.

6. As for his items: These need to be moved forward in time and separated from the direct control of Iymrith. Sraece was captured around 1375 DR, which is before the Spellplague. And the Spellplague is just what we need. Let’s say that the unseen servant-like aspect of the animated swords and gloves and cloak and boots and hat that once belonged to Sraece was either washed away or consumed outright by the Blue Fire, leaving the items behind.

7. Iymrith had probably grown fond of using the servant, and may have sent it further afield over time. After all, the Dragon of the Statues was becoming known for using gargoyles as its eyes and ears in the world, so why not keep an Ace under its wing for use in matters most important to the dragon?

8. So when the Spellplague hits, the magical servant made of force wearing Sraece’ gear could have been just about anywhere in the Realms. And when you advance the timeline to 1479 Dr, then there’s a good century for them to have been recovered, lost again, and spread out across the continent of Faerûn.

9. There’s also the fact that the dragon may well want her prized possessions back. And that’s good, because any character/party trying to complete a magic item set ought to face opposition on par with an ancient blue dragon.

10. The magic items bear the essence of Sraece’ swordfighting talents. In game terms these are maneuvers granted by the items plus one superiority die, even if you’re not a Battle Master. So…

  • Disarming Attack – Either his secondary rapier, or possibly a long dagger. Sraece’ fighting style was that of the Duelist, so he didn’t fight two-handed unless he had to, and he likely kept a backup rapier in the event he was disarmed, as well as one dagger.
  • Evasive Footwork – why of course, Sraece’ boots.
  • Feinting Attack – Sraece’ buff coat. A good sturdy buff coat, such as one made of fine leather and quilted on the inside, can turn away daggers and blunt the attack of swords. All the better when you feint and leave yourself open in order to draw your foe in.*
  • Lunging Attack – His primary rapier. It’s his signature move, man.
  • Parry – His gloves. These ran from the tips of his fingers to just below his elbows, and were threaded with steel wire. So they were sturdy, but not true gauntlets.
  • Riposte – Sraece’ cloak. A cloak can ward off more than the rain. Used wisely, it can bind a foe’s weapon long enough to turn their missed thrust into your successful counterattack.

And that’s the first set done. I suppose a couple of these items could find their way into the Sundered Tomb. Perhaps the Mercenary Captain owned them right up until the point where she died.

* As noted in Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s Captain Alatriste, page 18.


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