Turning My Attention To Turning Points

Time to think up more Turning Points (first discussed here).

On with the ideas!

1. Escapee From Irlingstar – A turning point that fits nicely with the Criminal or Noble backgrounds.

From time to time Cormyrean nobles sentenced to a term of imprisonment for violating Crown law escape their confinement. Thus, you may have recently escaped from the prison castle of Irlingstar, where male nobles who’ve committed crimes against the Crown are imprisoned and made to serve out their sentences far away from the civilized parts of the Forest Kingdom. You may have been smuggled out of the formidable fortress of High Horn or otherwise made your escape from one of the numerous remote hunting lodges owned by the Crown, as both fortress and lodges are used to house female noble prisoners. Now you have decided to make a grand life while you can, or perhaps you’ve sworn to prove your innocence by obtaining proof that you committed no crimes/bring those who did to justice.

2. Awakened Sword – Supposedly the Ghazneths destroyed Cormyr’s mightiest heroes, aka Those Who Sleep, but I say pooh on that. This Turning Point is a good match for the Noble background. Or possibly the Courtier background. (see Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide 146-147)

You are one of the last of Cormyr’s bright young heroes to have been interred in Needlespires, in the Stonelands, alongside the bravest and boldest warriors Cormyr had yet produced. You were meant to sleep away the centuries until the day when all of the Forest Kingdom was imperiled, so that you and yours could be awakened and stand fast against a mortal threat to the Land of the Purple Dragon. You and your fellow sleepers were set upon by a gaze of beholders, and the battle that followed shook the earth. You escaped through a barely functioning portal–one of several meant to guide your fellows to wherever in Cormyr you were needed most. Now you roam a Cormyr that is far older than the land you left behind, and you watch for beholders and their spies wherever you go.

3. Adventurer in Parchment – Here’s an idea I’ve been kicking around in my head for months now. Listing it here so I have everything in one spot.

You were captured and imprisoned by a nefarious Amnian merchant. He kept you in a magical tome that served as both prison and trophy case, its metal frame pages filled with lifelike paintings depicting the startled visages of rival merchants, failed assassins, adventurers and others, all of whom ran afoul of the merchant.

4. Spawn of the Legion Tree – When you mix rebooted Cylons from Battlestar Galactica with ancient elf war magic Forgotten Realms, you might get a character like this.

Your understanding of who–and even what–you are is incomplete: you were not born from flesh and blood, but from roots, soil, and leaves. You eat, drink, breathe and love, but your true kin are not mortals. You were a castoff; imperfect and found wanting. The dryads of Aloushe (see THIS MAP) collected you when others of your kind dumped your body near the borders of the Dryad’s woodland realm. They warned your memories are not yours, and that somewhere in the Forest Kingdom there is at least one other person that looks, talks and walks just like you. There may be more. Before the dryads turned you out they warned you to be careful, for the Legion Tree that birthed you most likely assumed you would be seen as an abomination and slain by the dryads. If it discovers you are alive then its minions will come for you and do what the Dryads failed to.

5. Interloper Among the Stalwart – For PCs who may have stumbled their way into a club for adventurers in Suzail. I don’t want to make this a new Background, though it could be.

You found yourself walking alone in the halls of the Society of Stalwart Adventurers, in Suzail. You may have gained access by accidental magic, by a door left unlocked, or by other means. Regardless, the club’s many tomes and magnificent trophies were yours to peruse for the night. Tymora smiled on you, for none of the traps and terrors that lurk in the club snuffed out your life. The next morning you were summarily thrown out with a warning never to return. But no matter, your mind was set: One day you would become an adventurer and earn your way back into the Society, this time as a full member.

6. Victim of the Whorl – For those times when you want to port a character in from another setting or campaign world. This would put a character’s “home base” in the King’s Forest, near Mouth O’ Gargoyles.

You have no memory of who you are or where you came from. You spent the last year recuperating in a forest lodge among others with injuries to their brains and minds. You suffered no physical trauma before you were found wandering in the King’s Forest, but the loss of your memories hurts all the same. The day you were declared fit to be released from the lodge was the day you were told that you came from another world.

7. Friend of the Grinning Ghost – Ghosts sometimes reveal things needing done, or that must be set right. The Grinning Ghost is one of several ghosts that linger at Taverton Hall (located at hex 32-M on this map). This puts a character’s origin at or near the ancestral home of the Paertrover noble family, so any of several backgrounds could be chosen to go along with it. Or this may have been an experience had while visiting Taverton Hall or the vicinity of it.

8. Thrall to a Ballad – What kind of ballad? Any one would do, such as the Ballad of the Troll King; aka Woodbrand’s Demise. To me it seems totally plausible that a talented bard singing a song of adventure, or of past events still fresh in the memories of the elders in a village, might entice a young mind to take up the mantle of an adventurer.

9. Spawnhall Flotsam – This Turning Point is not so much an event, as a revelation.

When you came of age, you were told why you have no memories of your childhood. You learned that you were found among the countless fish disgorged by one of the enormous Deepspawn that are housed near the docks in Hultail. No one recognized you. No one claimed you as missing. Crown officials determined you were not abandoned, therefore you were the product of the Deepspawn. The Wizards of War have carefully separated your mind from the will of the Deepspawn–-it has no control over you. You were informed that somewhere in the past the original you was fed to the creature–most likely to dispose of your dead body–and the fact that you exist at all means that body was still alive when the Deepspawn consumed it. You may be a copy but your will is your own, and you are determined to live the life denied to your progenitor. If Tymora smiles upon you then you will uncover the truth behind the death of your progenetor, and learn why the Deepspawn produced you.

10. Child of the Sad Queens – This one ties nicely into Courtier background. Possibly the Noble background too (if the character was of noble blood). Also a possible choice for the Bard class.

You were abandoned among the ghosts and undead that lurk in the Haunted Wing of the Royal Palace, in Suzail. No one claimed you and your parentage could not be determined. That you lived long enough to be found was due to the protection of the “sad queens”–ghosts of court ladies that moved as gracefully in life as they do now in undeath. They kept the other undead of the Haunted Wing at bay while ghostly minstrels put up a racket that drew forth someone made of flesh and blood to see what was the matter. You were raised as a ward of the Palace, and the subject of your parentage has long been a topic of idle converse within its walls.

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