Cormyrean NPCs that are unusual/playing against type

1. A heavily muscled War Wizard, shorn of all body hair, his or her skin oiled and smooth.

2. A noble bent over and digging in the dirt by hand, wearing old worn out clothes, indistinguishable from the laborers on either side of him.

3. A dwarf swimming happily in the Wyvernwater.

4. An opulent fortress mansion in the Stonelands.

5. A priest of Mystra hoarding spell scrolls and spellbooks.

6. A Chancepriest with really bad luck.

7. A group of elves digging a mine below the Stormhorns.

8. A group of nobles handing out food and coins to the impoverished and destitute in Suzail.

9. Chartered Adventurers returning all the coins, gems, and lost treasures they just recovered to the original owners of those objects (or possibly their descendants).

10. A squad of Purple Dragons all afflicted with minor magical powers.


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