Troll variants, ghostly animal companions, spell ideas.

1. Can a ghost be an animal companion? Something that lingers near a PC, and grants the PC abilities whenever the PC calls upon the ghost to possess him/her?

2. Spell Idea: Weight of the Mountain
A spell that compliments Heal Metal in that it is used in game to target medium and heavy armor wearing foes. It basically doubles or trebles the weight of a metal item. The spell effect could scale with level, so perhaps if cast in a 9th level spot the weight is multiplied by 10. Alternatively the caster could select more targets. Might be some fun variations here.

3. Monster Idea: Ankle Biters
Troll heads that have been grafted to insect bodies. Delivers a nasty bite and always attacks in swarms.

4. Monster Idea: Throat Crushers
Individual troll arms that have been magically manipulated to grow eyes, such as in the center of the palm and along the forearm and upper arm.

5. The arms feed from a toothy maw where the upper arm would normally attach to a troll shoulder.

6. The creature’s instinct has been forged by magic (divine or arcane, whichever works best for your campaign) so that it grapples humanoids with its one hand and tries to get the hand around the humanoid creature’s neck.

7. It chokes out its foe while the mouth burrows into the humanoid’s gut.

8. It eats out the belly and injects spores that form into newborn trolls in 5+1d10 days.

9. They eat their way out of the corpse and then the Throat Crusher dies.

10. After these newborn trolls become fully grown, if they should ever lose an arm then the limb has a 25% chance (1 on a 1d4) to form into a Throat Crusher.

Good monster idea for the adventure I’m working on in this thread (see a few pages back).

Thanks for reading!


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