Things I want to see in future Cormyr sourcebooks/DMs Guild products

1. A map of the Wolf Woods, when Iliphar and the elves were at the peak of their power, that’s on par with the Mike Schley map found in the free Backdrop: Cormyr download (article by Brian R. James) available from the WotC website. Show me where the settlements were. What were their names? What places did the elves discover that were of no interest to Old Thauglomorious, but that posed a danger to the elves? Give me a glimpseof the surrounding lands in that map too. This is how you jumpstart my imagination.

2. A noble family focused on in detail. Show me where their holdings are. Give me the names of their residences and castles and show me where they are on a regional map. Give me pictures of those locations and a couple of detailed maps for them. Tell me who is important, who is locked up in Irlingstar, who is a traitor and who is a no account waste of time. Tell me about family treasures, family secrets, moments of bravery, where they died and how they became ennobled. Tell me their titles, ranks at court, status vis-a-vis the a purple Dragons, how the Crown views them and why it’s a good idea for PC nobles to come from this family and/or for a DM to use this family in a campaign. Give me lots of names and a lengthy family history from the founder to the modern era.

3. A full page portrait depicting a Deepspawn as it’s birthing a creature.

4. Tell me when, and to what extent, the drow were most active on the surface of Cormyr, even if this happened before Cormyr existed.

5. Give me an honest to goodness three to four years of current clack writeups for Cormyr, set in the modern era.

6. A portrait of Iliphar on his throne, surrounded by his closest advisors and his rivals.

7. A giant list of lost treasures, who supposedly lost them, and where the loss took place.

8. A list of Cormyrean dungeons that does not include the Haunted Halls.

9. A handful of currently active adventuring companies, some with rosters.

10. A monthly series of articles, published online or in print form, that covers unique rooms in the Royal Court, and that meanders from one room to the next by describing what hallways, passages, doors, secret doors, etc., link these rooms.


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