Realmslore for Magic Item Sets: Where do sets come from? And who was good as or better than Drizzt?

So, Realmslore. Need it for the three magic item sets being devised on this here thread. Let’s start by asking:

1. Who was as good a fighter, or better, than Drizzt Do’Urden? This is a moving target of a question, but it serves our needs.

2. Why? Because magic item sets–as in individual items that confer additional abilities to their user when four or more of them are equipped–are legendary things. They don’t just appear out of nowhere.

3. One theory (among sages in the Realms) is that magic items become attuned to users over time. Humans don’t normally experience this, given their short lifespans. But elves, dwarves, and humans who’ve attained the means to extend their lifespans…these are creatures for whom it’s possible to develop a unique bond with magic items that extends beyond the simple familiarity that is required for an item to be used.

3.5 Personally, I think Drizzt’s magic items are headed in this direction.

4. Rarer still are magic items crafted to be a set. A group of items made to be worn by a specific individual and designed to work harmoniously together. Like what the Armathors (think elf fighter mages of terrible power and sword skill) who guarded the Coronal’s Court in Myth Drannor were equipped with. Or any of the generals that commanded Netheril’s armies.

5. Another theory is that of magical bleed, and magical overlap.

  • In the former, the magic of a single potent worn or held item (like an item that is Very Rare or Legendary) “bleeds” into non-magical items of superior quality and make, and into minor magic items of little individual power. Remember: The DMG states most magic items are “well–preserved antiques.” Sometimes that old car springs an oil leak.
  • In the later, magic and non-magic items alike become linked when their bearer is the repeated target over time of spells meant to enhance or to protect. The items become receptive to specific spells, and may in time produce the spell’s effects on their own.
  • Regardless, all of this takes time, and it’s rare to happen at all because the art of fighting is really good at killing the people who practice it.

6. Getting back to my first question: Any fighter as mighty as Drizzt is likely to have some or all of the items from a set designed to enhance one’s fighting ability. Or they may have “made” their own set without knowing it, through sheer repetitive use.

7. Who are our candidates? Looking back in time in the Realms (which is pretty easy if you look at the mid 1300s) I see there are a few. Though they’ll not be found in any official sourcebook, they’re official none the less, as they come from Ed Greenwood. Let’s exclude fighter/mages (so Methrammar Aerasumé is off the list).

8. In the year 1375 DR, we have:

  • Ember Tsartaera
  • Sraece Telthorn
  • Loaros Hammarandar

9. Of the three sets of maneuvers I made in the post above this one, Ember seems most likely to have mastered maneuvers that involve commanding and moving allies; Skoalam the flashy duelist maneuvers; Loaros the crush your foes and pick their teeth out of your boots maneuvers.

10. These will be the three legendary warriors of old (from the point of view of 1479 DR) for whom a trio of magic item sets were either crafted or produced by dint of use, that I’ll hang some Realmslore on.


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