Multimedia: Ideas for sounds to be used in a D&D game set in Cormyr Read more:

If WotC ever expanded their offerings to include sound files a DM could call up from a laptop or tablet, here’s what I’d like to see included. Not all of these are exactly PG-13, but hey, I’m sure you have your own list of sounds you’d like.

1. The sound of Storm Silverhand’s voice as she sings to a newborn baby so the mother can get some rest, somewhere in Cormyr.

2. The sounds in and around Suzail’s docks, at the start of a busy day.

3. Nobles conversing in any of the highcoin establishments they frequent in Suzail.

4. Vangerdahast crying.

5. Crown mages practicing with wands that hurl forth magic missiles, fireballs and lightening bolts.

6. Azoun IV making love to Queen Fee.

7. A Xraunrar beholder smacking its lips in anticipation of a meal, somewhere in the Thunder Peaks.

8. Myrmeen Lhal conducting business in Arabel.

9. A wyvern’s call.

10. Any good ghost story told by Cormyrean commoners.


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