Cormyrean themed toys I wish Hasbro would produce and sell.

1. Azoun IV action figure. Comes with bed.

2. Queen Fee action figure. Comes with throne.

3. Steel Regent in full armor action figure. Comes with horse.

4. Vangerdahast action figure. Comes with “invisible” chair for Vangey to sit on (made of clear plastic).

5. Huge Thauglomorious (spelling?) action figure. Bigger than the Red Dragon WotC produced for the miniatures line some years back.

6. Amarune and Arclath Delcastle action figures. Sold as a set.

7. The Throne Chamber and Swords of State room play set. Includes secret doors and detachable swords. Purple Dragon guards in ceremonial tabards sold separately.

8. Spawnhall playset. Includes Deepspawn.

9. The Goose of Doom dockside hole in the wall playset.

10. Giogioni (spelling?) and Cat Wyvernspur action figures, sold as a set. Giogioni in Wyvern form sold separately.


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