Wizard Archetypes Focusing on Wands

First off, thank you very much to the person that purchased a copy of my Cormyr sourcebook yesterday.

Because of you I worked hard to publish the first ever update to the sourcebook. The update includes the new sub-map of Cormyr, which you will receive for free when you download the updated sourcebook file.

Thanks again!


Let’s steal a little bit from the Eldritch Knight and the Battle Master, and give these Features to a dual wand wielding wizard. (Say that last part three times fast).

1. Imagine a wizard absent any armor standing in an alley, who is surrounded by a trio of mercenaries intending to chop her to pieces. The narrow walls force the mercenaries to rush her one at a time, and they come at her from both directions.

2. The wizard has the ability to conjure forth a wand in each hand at will. This she does in an instant as a bonus action.

3. The ritual bond she’s formed with each of her wands allows for her to produce Somatic gestures while holding a wand. The bond also links her spellcasting through her wands to any Material components she has on her person.

4. Thanks to her special training, anytime her damaging spells strike home while she wields a bonded wand she has the option to perform combat Maneuvers like a Battlemaster. The results she gets are not unlike the wizarding duels in various of the Harry Potter movies (don’t cringe; use your imagination).

5. She wins initiative, unleashes one Magic Missile at each mercenary from her bonded wands, and adds one of her four superiority dice (d6s, not d8s) to the damage as she attempts to make one of the mercenaries fall prone with a Trip Attack. The mercenary falls to the ground thanks to a missile to the knee.

6. On the mercenary’s turn, the second mercenary is fleet of foot and jumps over his fallen comrade with a lunging attack that is sure to skewer the wizard. She turns the attack aside with one of her bonded wands–in particular the dagger-like field of force that appears over her wand as she bats the mercenary’s stabbing sword to the side via a Parry maneuver that costs her Reaction and one superiority die. Behind him, the fallen over mercenary stands up.

7. The wizard can perform Maneuvers with her bonded wands without casting spells through them, provided a foe is within her reach. Her bonded wands count as daggers when she wields them.

8. The third mercenary is to the wizard’s back. He makes his attack by trying to disarm the wizard of one of her bonded wands. His strike fails, as the wizard can’t be disarmed of any bonded wand she wields.

9. The wizard pays her attackers back in blood by stabbing the third mercenary through the eye with her bonded wand. She spends a superiority die to perform a Sweeping Attack, and the same arms-out-and-whirling attack that felled merc #3 mercenary works just as well on merc #2, and down he goes in howling agony thanks to a bonded wand pushed through one ear and out the other.

11. The wizard has one superiority die left. The now-standing mercenary opts not to flee for his life, but to attack. Unfortunately for him he misses, and so the wizard spends that last die on a Riposte maneuver that sees her stab him in the armpit. Down he goes.

She thinks about how well the fight went. She knows that as she gets more powerful, her bonded wands will be able to produce sword-like fields of force, and not just daggers. Or she may chose one sword and one shield. What choice will she make? Time will tell.

She realizes that for now she must choose her battles wisely, and use the terrain and her spells to limit the flow of enemies towards her because she can’t wear armor.

So…that’s a basic idea for a Wizard path that emulates the Fighter, Battlemaster and Eldritch Knight, with a little Harry Potter inspiration thrown into the mix.


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