A Wand-Wielding Class? Maybe A Precursor To A True Bladesinger?

Firstly, a slice of the finished map that I had commissioned for my Cormyr sourcebook, along with a hex overlay. The map covers a good portion of the King’s Forest, and includes Suzail to the south and Eveningstar to the north.

Hexes are 6 miles. Border bars are in 15 mile increments. Letter and number coordinates on the map borders allow for the identification of individual hexes on the map. Feel free to use this slice of the map for your campaign.

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Aint she a beauty?

Now, to the work of generating ideas:

1. All of the material you’ve come up with in this thread having to do with magical wands and Wandlace seems like it could be borrowed for the creation of a new Class, or better an archetype.

2. Are there archetypes open to multiclassed characters? That is, archetypes that you can only select if your character is multiclassed? Bah, I’m getting ahead of myself by thinking about a Bladesinger archetype. Focus on a wand-wielder instead.

3. So, all of the magic items you’ve come up with having to do with wands, and some of the spells, could inform an Archetype for Wizards: an arcane spellcaster who focuses not on a school of magic, but on one category of magic items (wands) with the intent of maximizing their skill at using the item while also casting spells, and shaping their use of magic around the item and what it commonly does.

4. I suppose a bladesinger would be similar, except they focus on a weapon over a magic item (swords, though magical swords work great too). This would be the more difficult path, since the sword isn’t itself magical to begin with. Oops, there I go again. Must focus on wand-wielders.

5. Looking at the Arcane Traditions (PHB 115-119) I don’t see any drawbacks to selecting a tradition. I’d assumed there would be, in the form of negatives associated with whichever schools of magic you didn’t select or with schools that might be diametrically opposed to your chosen school.

6. So a Wand Master (let’s call it that for now) would generally gain benefits associated with using Wands, and these would have to be dolled out at the same level as the features found in the Arcane Traditions; 2nd level, 6th level, 10th level and 14th level.

7. I figure the 2nd level feature would grant the Wand Master to make somatic gestures while wielding any wand.

8. Other potential features might include:
Maximized charges at sunrise: Any wand you are attuned to gains back the maximum number of charges each day.

  • Quick attunement: as the Harmonious minor magic item property, but only for wands.
  • 4th attunement: You may attune to a fourth magic item, but only if it is a wand.
  • Wand Bond: As the Eldritch Knight’s Weapon Bond, but for a specific wand.
  • Twin Spells: Once per day when you cast a spell from a wand, you may cast the spell a second time from the wand without using any additional charges.
  • Art of the Duel: Some sort of spell parrying ability.


9. The last line on that list has me wondering if the concept of superiority dice ala the Fighter’s Battle Master Archetype couldn’t be added to a Wand Master. Or heck, wizards in general.

10. For example, if the Wand Master selects the equivalent of Disarming Attack, she can spend a superiority dice anytime she casts a spell with a wand that does damage. Target must make a Strength save or drops an object.


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