More Magic Items, Including Wands as Explosive Crossbow Ammunition

Let’s brainstorm more magic items.

Let’s also abuse wands.

1. A ring that drinks charges from wands.

Ring of Spellslaking
Ring, rare (requires attunement)

When you wear this magical ring, you may grasp any wand and expend charges from it sufficient to cast one spell listed in the wand’s item description. The spell is not cast, but absorbed by the ring and stored for later use. While wearing the ring, you may use one action to cast the spell stored in the ring.
If the wand does not cast spells, the ring does not allow you to expend charges from a wand. If the act of expending charges depletes the wand of charges, then the wand is automatically destroyed. If there are insufficient charges in the wand, it is depleted of its remaining charges and destroyed, and the ring does not store a spell. The ring may store only one spell at a time.

(The concept here is to give non-spellcasters a one shot item that mimics wands [items which can only be attuned to by spellcasters], and to allow a party to get a little more use out of rechargeable objects like wands. That, and it might be cool if a rogue used an action to grab an enemy spellcaster’s Wand of Fireballs and possibly drain it of power before the bad guy blasts the party a second time and roasts them all to death.)

2. How about some gauntlets amenable to spellcasters? OK then.

Battlestorm’s Gauntlets of Brawling
Wondrous item, uncommon (requires a bad attitude)

When you wear these magical war gauntlets, your unarmed strikes deal 1d4 damage instead of the base 1 point of damage. These gauntlets do not hamper a spellcaster’s ability to cast spells or to make somatic gestures. You do not need to be proficient in Heavy Armor to wear these gauntlets.

(“Battlestorm” refers to Taltar Battlestorm, a War Wizard of my own devising that prefers to punch first and cast spells later.)

3. For those days when you just have to be the hero and save everyone else:

Helm of the Spell Martyr
Wondrous item, rare (does not require attunement; anybody can be the hero)

This helm has 1d3 charges, and it gains back 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn. While you wear this helm, you may use your Reaction to expend 1 of its charges to prevent any one spell of the schools of evocation or abjuration that affects you from affecting others at the same time. The spell’s damaging effects are tallied up for all of its targets as normal, except that all of the damage is applied to you. If the spell requires a saving throw, you make one roll. The spell must include you as a target or in its area, or the helm does not function.

4. How about some brass knuckles that steal spells:

Brass Knuckles of Spell Intervention
Wondrous item, uncommon

While wearing these brass knuckles, you may use your Reaction to make an unarmed strike against any spellcaster within your reach that casts a spell. If the attack is successful, the spellcaster must make a Constitution saving throw (10 + your damage dealt). If the save succeeds, the spell takes effect as normal. If the save fails, the spell is interrupted as though you had cast Counterspell.
If you roll a natural 20 on your attack roll and the spellcaster’s save fails, the spell is stored in your brass knuckles. You can cast any spell stored in the brass knuckles as though you were wearing a Ring of Spell Storing. Only one spell at a time may be stored in the brass knuckles. A character may not wear the brass knuckles and any magical ring on the same hand.

5. Potions taste better when you first poor them into a sturdy stein before downing them:

Stein of Perfect Miscibility
Wondrous item; uncommon

This sturdy earthenware stein is topped with a platinum lid that can be locked into place. You may poor the contents of up to two different potions into this stein with no deleterious effects, and then close and lock the lid. The combined liquid remains stored in this manner until consumed. You may use your action to open the stein and consume its contents. If you do so, both potions take effect normally.

6. Who says you can’t use wands as crossbow ammunition?

Crossbow of Wand Detonation
Wondrous item; rare

This heavy crossbow grants you advantage on attack rolls against spellcasters. In addition to crossbow bolts, you may use a wand as ammunition. On a successful attack the wand does normal heavy crossbow damage, and then detonates. The explosion deals force damage: 4 x the number of remaining charges in the wand, in a 10′ radius. The damage is force damage.
If you roll a 1 on an attack roll while using a wand as ammunition, the wand explodes in the crossbow and deals its explosive damage as normal.

(Don’t sell excess wands! Save them in a quiver for a special day in the future when you can use them as exploding ammo!)

7. Slings are fun, but Slingshots are better–especially magical ones:

Slingshot of Impertinent Magical Destruction
Slingshot; uncommon

This slingshot is a simple ranged weapon. It deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage, and uses the same type of ammunition as a Sling (PHB 149). Its range is 60/180.
The handle of this slingshot is hollow, and a hole in the base of the handle can admit one wand (the magic of the slingshot resizes odd-shaped wands to fit). Whenever a wand is inserted into the handle, you may choose to expend charges from the wand while making a ranged attack with the slingshot. If you do so, select an effect from the wand’s description, and deduct charges from the wand as normal. The wand’s effect occurs only if you make a successful attack roll, and the effect is centered on the target of your ranged attack. If you roll a 1, the wand’s effect occurs as normal, but with you as the target. You may not make a save to avoid this effect.

8. A cat on your back can be a good thing. Watch those claws!

Cape of the Hissing Cat
Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by Fancy Feast[TM])

While you wear this cape embroidered with a big fluffy house cat, you have advantage on initiative rolls. Whenever a foe makes a successful Sneak Attack against you, you may use your Reaction to make an Opposed Dexterity Roll with advantage. If your roll equals or exceeds the attack roll of your foe, the attack fails. (And the DM should tell you that the embroidered cat briefly comes to life, hissing and spitting at the unseen foe that just tried and failed to stab you in the back.)
This cape is of no help when you are sleeping, and does not prevent you from being surprised.

9. You’re attuned to that item? Think again, bro.

War Shield of Dissonance
Shield, very rare

This shield comes with 1 charge, and gains back 1 expended charge daily at dawn. It may hold no more than 3 charges.
You may expend one charge while using an action to bang your sword or other heavy object against the shield, causing it to emit a shrieking howl of dissonant noise. Every creature within a 60′ radius centered on you that is wielding or carrying at least one attuned magic item must make a Wisdom saving throw against a DC of 15 + your Charisma modifier. On a failed save, they become unattuned to one magic item at random, and the shield gains back 1 charge per unattuned item (to a maximum of 3 charges).
You may use your Reaction to expend a charge whenever a creature fails an attack roll against you with a melee weapon. If you do so, that creature’s attack was blocked by your shield, and that creature must make a saving throw against a DC of 20 + your Charisma modifier. On a failed save, they become unattuned to one magic item at random, and the shield gains back 1 charge per unattuned item (to a maximum of 3 charges).
This shield has no effect in areas of magical silence (as per the spell Silence, PHB 276), or on creatures without a sense of hearing.

10. Oh man, I’m spent. So…a few posts back I came up with a minor magic item property called Crawling. I think an interesting encounter a DM using the new Storm King’s Thunder adventure might try is having the PCs encounter an enormous longsword (say 10′ – 15′ long) with the Crawling property. The PCs are traveling down the road when the sword comes rumbling along thanks to the legion of legs sticking out of it.


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