Spells and Wards Set Adrift. A Dragon That Collects Teeth. New Magic Items and Magic Item Rules.

No reposts to this thread tonight.

I resurrected the DMs Guild Online Tools thread instead.


1. My imagination is stuck on wards and set-piece spells pried loose by the Spellplague.

2. There are a bunch of places in Cormyr that are properly warded by fixed spells that obfuscate, shield, prevent certain spell effects from going off, etc., in the ward’s area, and I’m pretty sure the Spellplague ripped these wards right out of wherever they were anchored and set them loose like a plastic bag tumbling along in a breeze.

3. What I think would be cool is if some of these wards ended up attaching themselves to other buildings or wagons or living things “down wind” from where they were cut loose. Some of the wards probably dwindled away into nothingness wherever they settled. Some may have just fallen into the earth and drifted down into the Upperdark (or deeper) before fading away or anchoring to something. Others may yet remain–especially if they found an anchor in something old and alive, like any tree or landscaping a century or more old, or in a magic item of Uncommon or higher rarity, in which case the ward may be slowly draining the item even as it’s being tugged along by the item (if the item is something worn or held, and not stationary).

4. Figuring out some interesting results is a topic for another day, however.

Onto the next topic.

5. So there are like a bazillion dragons lairing in the Thunder Peaks and the Stormhorns. You might not realize it at first, but if you dig deep enough you can find off-hand comments about it online by former Realms game designers. There’s got to be a good number of these dragons that craft minor magic items that appear no more than simple trinkets (as in right out of the Player’s Handbook, page 160-161).

6. What? The trinkets tables? Yes, Dear Reader. Those two pages are not nearly the waste of space you think they are. On the contrary, they are 100 excuses for the DM to drop an encounter on your head. For example: The bag containing 47 humanoid teeth (one of which is rotten) may just be 47 examples of humanoids that made good meals for a dragon lairing on the Cormyr side of the Thunder Peaks, as well as 47 examples of dragon-like patience, as the beast took the time to remove one tooth from each of its meals ahead of time.

7. Now those teeth are in a bag, each of them enspelled to act as a focus for the dragon’s Scrying spell, that it might see where the teeth go and have 47 little windows on the world it can peer through.

8. Worse, if anyone thinks to use the tooth as a body part to help with their own reverse scrying attempt (to see where the tooth owner is, for example), they’ll instead get a grand view of the dragon, right before it plunges into their minds to raid for spells, spell knowledge, and useful information. Think of it as a Legendary Action.

9. And that rotten tooth? That’s the one a spellcaster used in a disastrous scrying attempt. It got burned a little. So he or she threw the tooth back in the bag and said good riddance. Now you own the bag.

Next topic.

10. I like the idea of magic item rarity governing the ability of one magic item to have an effect on another magic item. Not a hard and fast rule for all magic items, mind. Just for some items, like magical portals.

11. And for this item, too:

Glove of Gem Snaring
Wondrous item, very rare

While you wear this glove you may treat as immaterial a space equal to the size of your hand on any non-magical object that that is set with gemstones, as well as any magic item whose rarity is Rare or less. Within that space, only gemstones are solid. Such gemstones remain in place until you remove them. This glove has no effect on objects absent gemstones. This glove does not prevent magical catastrophes or backlashes that may result from gemstones being removed from a magic item. Your DM determines the side effects of removing gemstones from a magic item, if any.

12. Another rules concept/idea I am pondering is how to link Ritual Casting to magic items. It would be some kind of named descriptor that would be listed after the item type, rarity, and attunement requirement (if any). Maybe limit the Ritual aspect to certain spell levels, or just one spell level.

13. So, what to call it? Hrm…how about Ritual Tailoring? Bleh. Customizable? Doesn’t mention the word Ritual in it. Shoot. I need the word “Ritual” plus another word that’s a synonym for “adjust.” What about just “fine tuned” and then explain the ritual aspect in the description? OK. Let’s go with that.

14. Here’s an example:

Ring of Wand Leeching
Wondrous item, uncommon (may be fine tuned)

While you wear this ring, you may drain one charge from any wand that you hold in the same hand. If you do so, you may cast the spell stored in the ring in the same action. If you do not cast the spell, the charge is lost.
The spell stored in the ring remains until replaced, regardless of the number of times the ring is used. If you fully drain a wand of charges then it immediately crumbles to dust. The ring only stores 1st level spells, and no more than one spell at a time. A spellcaster may fine tune the ring by substituting any 1st level spell they have prepared from their list of spells known for the spell currently stored in the ring. This process requires the ritual casting of a 1st level spell. While the spellcaster conducts this ritual, any 1st level spell prepared on the spellcater’s spell list is considered to have the Ritual tag.

15. Looks like what I’ve done here is figure out a way for spellcasters to have the limited means of tweaking magic items. That might make magic items more useful, and take the pressure off the DM to produce items better suited to the PCs as they level up.

16. That, and I now have an avenue to take a second look at every magic item in the DMG to see if there could be a fine tuned version of it. In fact, this might make an interesting class feature. Yet another topic for another day.

That’s one more new rule for the old Cormyr sourcebook. Man do I need some time to sit down and start porting things over. Like 48 hours of time… []

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!


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