More Magic Item Special Features (DMG 142-143)

1. [Minor Property – Deity] Mourning. Whenever a high priest or the head of a major temple passes away, this item emits a loud sound in keeping with the traditions of the faith the item is dedicated to. For example, if the magic item is a serrated longsword bearing the mark of Malar the Beastlord, then the item will emit a long, loud, keening howl. This property functions whether or not the bearer is holding the item.

2. [Minor Property – Temple] Altar Sworn. If the bearer of this item stands before the altar of a deity and swears to undertake a mission on behalf of the temple (such as delivering an important message or object from that temple to another temple of the same faith), then this item will urge its bearer to keep on task, and will provide its bearer with a general sense of the direction they should be going. This lasts until the task is complete or the bearer dies. (Altar Sworn priests transporting parcels that belong to third parties are a not uncommon sight on the major trade routes of the Forgotten Realms.)

3. [Minor Property – Temple] Temple Beacon. The bearer of this item always knows the direction of the holy shrine, altar, temple or holy place that the item was last linked to. Any cleric of the faith may link an item with the Temple Beacon minor property to a holy location of the faith, simply by casting Thaumaturgy in the presence of the item while at the location. Such a casting absorbs the power of the cast spell immediately, ending its duration.

4. [Minor Property – Deity] Broken Oath. Whenever a member of the priesthood (any member, and not just Paladins or spellcasting clerics) commits a major act of heresy, or severely damages some part of the faith as part of an act of apostasy or betrayal, the surface of this item crawls with arcing bolts of lightening for one round (like a Tesla coil). The lightening causes no damage, but it feels like being hit by a taser; during the shock the bearer is gifted with the briefest of visions of the event.

5. [Historical Detail] One Of A Set. The item is one part of a set of magic items created by a particular spellcaster. Former apprentices of the spellcaster, anyone who considers themselves to be the rightful inheritor of all the pieces of the set, collectors of magic items (up to and including dragons) and rival adventurers that own other parts of the set, may all be willing to pay above market rates to buy the item from the PC, or to pay less for cutthroats and bullyblades to slay the PC and take the item on their behalf.

6. [Creator/Intended Use] Unicorn. The item was intended for use by anyone who could tame one of the many black unicorns that once ran in bands through the Wolf Woods.

7. [Minor Property] Vengeance. This item gives its bearer a general sense of the direction of a person or being on whom vengeance must be taken.

8. [Creator/Intended Use] Thrall To A Dragon. This item was crafted by a dragon, and was meant for use by its most valued or trusted followers/servants. Such persons can be identified by a small brand in the hollow between their jaw and skull, just behind one of their ears.

9. [Minor Property] Miniature. At unpredictable times–but no more than once per day–this item conjures up one miniature, mundane replica of itself. The replica appears within line of sight of the item, to a maximum of 120′ away.

10. [Minor Property] Crawling. Whenever this item is separated from the being it is attuned to, numerous tiny appendages (read: tiny arms and hands, or tiny legs with feet) extend from its surface and propel the item along at a modest speed. The appendages don’t do well on steep inclines, can’t reliably be expected to climb anything (DMs call), and disappear as soon as the item finds itself at a point where it can’t go any further.

Can you imagine the sight of a magic item trundling along down a road on the way to its owner? I can.


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