Magic Item Special Features (DMG 142-143) and Item Examples Using These Special Features

1. [Minor Property] Dreaming Recall. Grasping this item after you have slept for at least 8 hours causes you to recall in vivid detail, and at random, one memory from any of the dreams you experienced during your long rest. This effect lasts for one round.

2. Example of Dreaming Recall:
Holy Symbol of Tymora
Wondrous Item, rare

This holy symbol possesses the Dreaming Recall minor property. Certain priests of Tymora utilize holy symbols with this property to align their thoughts as part of their morning ritual.

3. Realmslore for the Holy Symbol of Tymora
This holy symbol was forged for priests of Tymora hailing from The Sheltering Hand temple, in Waymoot. Unlike priests trained in the more well known temples of Cormyr (The Lady’s House and the Towers of Good Fortune, in Arabel and Suzail, respectively), the Chancepriests of the Sheltering Hand spend a great deal of time analyzing their dreams, believing as they do that the goddess teaches and guides her followers while they sleep. Most of their holy symbols are magically enchanted to reveal a portion of their dreams; that which is revealed is assumed to be of importance to the goddess, and it is believed she selects what is revealed.

4. Example of Dreaming Recall:
Handrazzur’s Helpful Pillow
Wondrous Item, uncommon

This pillow possesses the Dreaming Recall minor property. This pillow is all of one piece, and decorated in flourishes and swaths of color. It is amenable to the head of a human-sized or smaller sleeper, and rarely needs to be fluffed, adjusted or washed.

5. Realmslore for Handrazzur’s Helpful Pillow:
The merchant wizard Handrazzur, of Arabel, found a ready market for his Helpful Pillows among the numerous elderly sages that live in Cormyr and the Heartlands, for whom the power of recall had deteriorated in their old age, and for which sleep had become a fleeting thing. Not only did Handrazzur’s creation help them to sleep better (not by magic; more of a placebo), it allowed them to better recall important ideas and realizations they experienced while dreaming. The sages found competition in Cormyr’s nobility, for whom it became the fad of one generation of the highborn to journal their dreams each morning and then to compare them when gathered together, and for a time no fair flower or budding young stag of the realm would allow any peer to see his or her bedchamber without being sure to arrange their Helpful Pillow in a prominent place at the head of their bed.

6. [Minor Property] Magnetic With A Twist. This item is capable of attracting one type of material to itself, in the manner of a magnet. The material can be of any kind, except for iron. The power of the attractive force is about the same as a refrigerator magnet (so not terribly strong, even if the item is itself happens to be quite large).

7. Example of Magnetic With A Twist:
Gloves of Gold Snaring
Wondrous Item, very rare

These gloves possesses the Magnetic With A Twist minor property. While wearing these gloves, your hands are attracted to objects made of gold, or that include significant additions of gold (such as gold inlay and the like). Gold coins readily adhere to your gloves, as do small objects made mostly of gold (like necklaces or earrings). You gain advantage on Sleight of Hand checks made to palm or steal gold objects. Any gold object larger in volume than your closed fist must be grasped by you to be held. The inside of these leather gloves is covered over in a sheen of gold, but they are supple and fit comfortably over your hands–like a second skin.

8. Realmslore for Gloves of Gold Snaring:
The legend of the Merendil Gold is known by most Cormyreans, but far fewer of them bother to look for it than in centuries past. The Merendils were exiled from the Forest Kingdom for their misdeeds, but not before they are said to have secreted away vast sums of wealth throughout Cormyr, most of it hidden behind false walls, in attics and just under the slate tiles of many a roof in the Forest Kingdom, and the rest hidden in plain sight but concealed by mundane or magical means. If the stories are to be believed, spies of the surviving Merendils still haunt the homes of Cormyreans high and low, where the pose as servants or guards or factors, and they possess special leather gloves that allow them to identify gold objects by touch.

9. Example of Altar Sworn (see previous post):
Holy Symbol of the Altar Sworn
Wondrous Item, rare

This holy symbol possesses the Altar Sworn Minor Property. Some priests in the Forgotten Realms utilize this kind of holy symbol to assist them in the task of delivering an important parcel or message from one community to another.

10. Realmslore for Holy Symbol of the Altar Sworn
Temples in the Realms are far more than places to worship, seek blessings and divine guidance, and purchase healing magic. They offer other services, such as moneylending, the safekeeping of important objects–including, but not limited to, piles of coins, gems and trade bars–and delivery services. The later can span larges swaths of terrain, and the service does not come cheap. Priests that perform the deliveries take an oath before the altar of their deity to deliver the item no matter what (seriously, taking this kind of oath is a big deal). Such priests often make use this type of holy symbol to help guide them on their journey.


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