D&D Products I Wish WotC Would Make

Some of these may already exist…

1. A D&D coloring book for adults.

2. An old school spelling and numbers book that teaches you how to write the alphabet and number systems of various D&D languages.

3. A technical manual/historical reference that details (and includes examples of) all the fonts, typesetting information, inks, paper type, and other information for various D&D products from down the years.

4. Elminster themed pajamas. Also Drizzt, Lord Soth, etc.

5. A spellbook with real parchment pages, wooden covers, etc.

6. A proper dictionary of Realms languages, including words and phrases from monster languages too.

7. Authentic broadsheets and chapbooks of the Realms, like Horkle’s Gossip Cauldron or the Waterdeep Wartrumpet.

8. A book detailing carts, wagons and conveyances of the Realms, as well as the different kinds of pack animals that pull them and what’s found on the carts.

9. Comforters or whole sheet sets that are D&D themed, or reprint classic artwork on them. For Example, a Waterdeep sheet set where:

  • The fitted sheet has a print of the first level of Undermountain on it from the Undermountain Boxed Set.
  • The top sheet reprints the entirety of the page-sized mega map of Waterdeep (as seen HERE).
  • The comforter features the view of Waterdeep from over the harbor and looking north (as seen HERE).
  • The pillow cases are his and hers; one features a print of Khelben Blackstaff’s portrait (head and shoulders), the other Laeral Silverhand.

10. A CD or audio file featuring music from different D&D worlds produced by one or more professional orchestras, and using as many in-world instruments as possible.

11. Actual musical instruments from different D&D worlds. They function as instruments and so can be played.


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