Playing With A Volo’s Guide Index

One of my favorite ways to generate names for places is to take the names listed in various of the entries in any Volo’s Guide Index and mix them together.

I use the Volo’s Guides this way because their indexes are broken down by categories: Bands & Organizations, Temples & Sacred Sites, Shops, Settlements, Homes, Inns & Rooming Houses, etc., which makes it easy to combine words and parts of names to form something new.

I try to come up with ten interesting sounding names as quick as I can and jot them down. Then I pick the two or three that sound the best and develop them further.

Tonight I’ll be using Volo’s Guide to the Dalelands.

1. Blackwater’s Provisions.

2. Felsharp’s Bonepile.

3. The Thirsty Death Knight.

4. The Abbey of Dancing Fire.

5. The Tower of the High Leaves.

6. Stonebow, Stump and Redmark — Ferrymen.

7. The Lion Bell.

8. The Witch Barracks.

9. Galath’s Bellowing Werebat.

10. Spindral’s Hand In The Moon.


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