1479 DR, Year of the Ageless One

Year of the Ageless One
1479 DR

Hammer (January)

  • For the second time in half a year, word has spread from distant High Horn that a mountainside has collapsed in the vicinity or Tyrluk, revealing the honeycombed interior of a presumably abandoned dwarven mine. The commander of High Horn has dispatched rides of Purple Dragons into the cold to warn villages and hamlets that lay on or near mountain slopes of the potential danger, and promises to take in any villager wishing to spend the winter away from danger. Several adventuring companies wintering in Tyrluk have departed with the intent to be the first to explore the mine, while another party of adventurers made for nearby Sagekeep to learn which other mountains might house abandoned dwarven settlements.
  • A curious effect of the many chapbooks sold in Arabel has left residents of the Caravan City to wonder who or what is working magic on readables: about one in ten chapbooks sold at market stalls within the city have been found to emanate warmth for several hours after being read from cover to cover–a few hastily read tomes enough to warm a room. Those who’ve purchased such tomes claim most of the chapbooks radiate warmth for up to four additional readings.
  • Arabel is experiencing heavier than usual snowfall. Already great mounds of snow are piled high near the city gates, and the residents of Arabel are being forced to move snow about with whatever tools are at hand. Crown mages have begun casting spells to clear the main roads and the Purple Dragons have formed work gangs to clear snow, but the snowfall continues unabated.


Mirtul (May)

  • The Festival of Handras has opened to much fanfare and countless coins changing hands in Suzail. The annual celebration of merchant caravans arriving from the Sword Coast has spilled out of its regular confines due to the presence of half again as many wagons as expected.
  • The lack of available rooms in Suzail’s inns and rooming houses have left visitors with little choice but to rent rooms at exorbitant rates wherever they can find them. King Foril has decreed the festival will run an additional three days to allow vendors to sell their wares, and to accommodate interested buyers arriving from as far away as Griffon Hill.

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