Orgreth Dinsimer

Orgreth is short and stocky, with wide shoulders, close-cropped brown hair and bushy eyebrows. His beard is thick, grown long enough to fit beneath his weather cloak, and changes hue with the seasons, the color ranging from deep brown in the winter to blood red in the summer. Orgreth’s hands are wide and flat, his feet similarly proportioned, and he is of such a square build that he can easily be mistaken for a dwarf at a distance.

Whatever the task, Orgreth gives it his full attention and energy. He devotes himself to eating, drinking and completing the regular activities of everyday living with the same effort required to pen a ritual scroll or aim a fireball at a band of charging orcs.

Blendel Arcandle, Orgreth’s father, taught his only son that life was too short for many; it oft ended painfully, left dreams unrealized, and created voids in people’s lives that could not easily be filled. Blendel advised his son that neither valor or cowardice are a shield against death, so it is best to live in the moment and take all that can be had from each experience.[1]

This outlook, along with the early death of Orgreth’s mother in childbirth, served as inspiration for Orgreth’s daily activities while growing up in Gladehap; he hurled himself across the sturdy cords that run between the village buildings on both sides of the dell where Gladehap is located, he leaped off of Gladehap Rock to see whether the ring he’d just traded for was truly a Ring of Feather Fall, he learned to dress animal carcasses and prepare meats at the hugely popular Wyrmkindler Carvery, and he learned the nature of commerce and demand at the feat of various Gladehap shop owners.[2]

Orgreth was both delighted and a little terrified to learn he could cast minor spells without the aid of a spellbook. News of his talent reached his father, who insisted his son leave Gladehap to join the Wizards of War. Though sad to leave home, Orgreth headed his father’s wishes and has yet to regret his decision.

Orgreth enjoys the thrill of battle and has matched spells with Cormyr’s foes along the border with Sembia and Netheril. He prefers to ride in support of a charging company of mounted Purple Dragons arrayed in a V formation, with Orgreth hurling battle spells from its center to soften up the enemy ranks before the Dragons come crashing through.

Orgreth is stationed at Azoun’s Hold along Cormyr’s eastern border, between the free city of Daerlun and the village of Battlerise.

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[1] “Not even dragons live forever, boy,” are words Orgreth heard over and over as a child.

[2] Read: made a pest of himself until a shop owner put him to work for the day. For a time Orgreth was a regular at the Wyrmkindler. Once called the Sausage Works, Wyrmkindler’s offerings now include choice cuts of Wyvern flank from the Stormhorns and rack of Dire Boar rib from the Hullack, in addition to its popular varieties of seasoned, spice, and blood sausages.

Adventurers short on treasure can earn coins to live on by delivering fresh monster meat to the Wyrmkindler. Would-be sellers are advised that the staff at the Wyrmkindler know the difference between monster flesh and common animal meat, and do not look kindly upon those who try passing off the later for the former. Word can be left at the Wyrmkindler for a pair of adventuring bands that make regular deliveries there.

Like the Wyrmkindler, many of Gladehap’s businesses have grown despite the calamities and wars visited on Cormyr in last century. Gladehap remains a prime destination for merchant caravans and nobles out on a lark from Suzail.


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