Anduala Jhansibur

Anduala Jhansibur was born in the prosperous war town of Thunderstone.[1] She is the youngest of five sisters, all but one serving the Crown in some capacity. Anduala’s grew to be half a head taller than most Purple Dragons, but her wish to join their ranks was blocked repeatedly by her father.

Anduala came to admire the Purple Dragons, adventurers and the Wizards of War at a young age. She grew up on adventurer’s tales of encounters with magical beasts in the Hullack Forest, bard’s tales of brave Cormyrians battling wicked Sembians and dark Netherese mages all around the Vast Swamp, and thrice-told tales of abandoned castles, haunted mage towers and underground ruins dotting the landscape from Besert to Highcastle, and Battlerise to Azoun’s Hold.

Tall though she may be, Anduala rides even taller in the saddle, and has become expert at hurling blades and axes from horseback. She rides with her long auburn hair unbound, and loves the feel of the wind in her face at a full gallop. She covets masterwork edged weapons of all types, and owns an impressive collection of magical daggers and hand axes for such a young non-adventurer. She delights in sword play as much as spellcasting, and is not afraid to take a hit or throw a punch.

Anduala was heartbroken to learn she possessed magical talent; she’d spent her youth daydreaming about wearing full plate armor and swinging a heavy sword to defend the King, and insisted to her father that she’d not grow up to be just like her sisters. She chose to keep her talent a secret in the hope that her father would grant her permission to leave home to join the ranks of the Purple Dragons, but he refused one year after another until she revealed the secret he already knew, and then only to grant her permission to join the Wizards of War.

The required training found her enrolled in Stormhaven House, where she was mistaken for an adventurer by one of her instructors.[2] Anduala was given leave to practice with the Purple Dragons, provided she focused on learning to cast spells in the midst of battle.

Anduala’s studies became an amalgam of magic and swordplay, and the months of training were some of the happiest of her young life. Just when Stormhaven began to feel like home she was uprooted along with several other trainees and made to depart for Suzail.

Their arrival in Cormyr’s capital saw Anduala lift a Dragon off his horse and hurl him to the ground subsequent to the soldier’s giving insult in response to her request for directions.[3] Hers is the only class of mages in living memory to have received a full Dragon escort to the Royal Court.

Bullies and the arrogant find a foe in Anduala. She despises anyone who abuses their authority or is needlessly cruel. The few true enemies she’s made are divided between conceited noble lordlings and haughty Sembian merchants.

Her duties see her manning Suzail’s gates, there to watch the flow of horse, wagon and carriage traffic in and out of the capital and to enforce Cormyrean law, though she may be found anywhere in Suzail.[4] She carries herself with the confidence of a Crownsworn mage of the Forest Kingdom, spells and blades at the ready.

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[1] “Dala” to those she befriends.

[2] The mistake made by the equally tall, aging wizard-instructor Tanthil Oakfist, of Espar, during a mock attack by Dragons dressed as bullyblades on a second group of Dragons, behind which Anduala and other wizard trainees were meant to stand. Anduala broke ranks, disarmed a false Dragon and knocked another senseless before Tanthil called a halt to the exercise.

[3] “You’re certain you’re not from Zundle?” were the words that roused her ire. See Volo’s Guide to Cormyr, page 126.

[4] Usually in the company of Purple Dragons when she is on duty, the Dragons under orders to protect the rest of Suzail from her temper, and to keep her safe.


2 thoughts on “Anduala Jhansibur

  1. Thank you!

    The process of copying my war wizards over from Candlekeep has been slow, but also beneficial since it affords me the chance to revisit these NPCs.

    I daresay my writing style and technique have changed for the better over the last few years, so when I read these entries I see changes that need to be made–some of them were written over five years ago for the WotC forums.


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