Authkant Melevor

Nicknamed “old codpiece” for his lusty behavior and avarice in relating to the female gender of all races (particularly his ability to patiently suffer through stern refusals involving hurled objects and kicks to the groin) Authkant Melevor is a wily old War Wizard specializing in battle magics of the “blow up everything in sight” variety.

“A maiden shivers, for she alone is insufficient to warm her grand bed! But I am ever helpful, and ready to lend aid! Wherefore blast all foes! I’ve a bed to warm before the morrow!” Such is typical of the verbiage uttered by Authkant when he faces enemies of the Crown.

Authkan’t casting style eschews ritual magic in favor of brutal spells that destroy things as efficiently as possible. He divides his time between researching swift-to-cast versions of all the battle spells in his repertoire and pursuing his amorous interests.

Authkant resides in Arabel, and is a regular sight at gatherings of the rich and powerful. His manner is equal parts charm and warmth, but he’s too quick to reveal his amorous interest to those he’s just met, for he lacks any sense of tact when it comes to the opposite sex. No sooner are introductions made then Authkant assumes the role of braggart, sharing tales of his magical prowess on Cormyr’s many battlefields and slipping in subtle-as-bricks hints that grand spellcastings are not the only thing he’s exceptionally skilled at.

In his free time Authkant has made himself something of tour guide for the unmarried daughters and widows of wealthy merchant and noble houses. He promises to safely guide the “fair flowers” through the “wild, harsh and dangerous lands to the north, betwixt the robust walls of Arabel and the lightning-tossed peaks of the Stormhorns”.

On such tours he teleports the ladies as near to danger as possible and materializes himself a few moments later, ready to hurl spells and over-worded invective at anything daring to endanger a noble lady of the realm.

In some instances Authkant will feign weakness and terror himself, then plead with the lady to grant him the “strength of the realm” through a passionate kiss and embrace, for he is, “drained of the vigor necessary to cast mighty battle magics and save us both!”

Such “swoon and save” tours (as he calls them) have been quite successful; Authkant has yet to lose a noblewoman and shows no sign of slowing down.

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