Music for Midnight in Mogheim

Midnight in Mogheim, the first full mini setting and adventure path from Ravenlore Press, conjures up a classic vision of adventure.

What hooked me on this book is the artwork. The cover art (by the talented Stacie Pitt) dares you not to take it all in with eyes wide open, because the eyes of the maiden seem to watch both the warriors on the rocks, and you.

The interior art renders up a Norse feeling. The armor, weapons, scenery…all of it makes me want to put a coat on and warm my hands. Only the strong survive in a place that’s naturally cool to the touch.

What’s missing is the music to go along with it. But I think I’ve found something that suits it well (hyperlinks are to youtube videos for each track):

  • From the album Walhalla Wacht, also by Heidevolk, I recommend the track Saksenland.
  • From the album Uit oude grond, by Heidevolk, I recommend the tracks Nehalennia, Ostara and Alvermans Wraak.
  • From the album By the Light of the Northern Star, by Týr, I recommend the track Hold the Heathen Hammer High.
  • From the album Slania, by Eluveitie: Inis Mona, Slanias Song and Carnutian Forest.
  • And from the album Sagas, by Equilibrium, there is Blut Im Auge–a perfect tune for when it’s time to charge like a berserker into the mouth of Hell.

If you’re sitting down to do some DM prep work with a copy of Midnight in Mogheim, or if you’re about to gather at the gaming table to play through the adventure path, consider giving these tunes a try.

If you’ve not seen this latest offering from Ravenlore Press, please have a look at, where you can find a full sized preview of the gorgeous cover art, and interior page previews as well.

You can find print copies at (including a Kindle version).

Kudos to Stig Johansen, Mark Taylor, Anthony Edwards, and the crew of sixteen contributing artists for hitting one out of the park.


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