Forthin Andramar

“She looks the part of a half-sunk merchant cog, but on your approach she moves through the water as fast as any ship in the wind, while blade-wielding skeletons crawl out of her black hold and disappear like phantoms, only to reappear aboard your ship to visit swift, brutal death on your crew. Her captain stands as tall as a giant and no mundane blade can harm him.

Yes, I’ve seen that murderous ship, and I have the scars to prove it.”

–from the journal Thirty Years At Sea, by Forthin Andramar[1]


Forthin Andramar is an oceangoing War Wizard who has spent the last three decades serving aboard a variety of ships in various capacities, whether providing magical support aboard one of His Majesty’s fleet of Blue Dragon vessels or investigating the mysterious disappearance of a merchant ship’s captain on the route between Marsember and Suzail.

Forthin is fit for his age and a disciplined man. His graying hair and salt and pepper beard are well kept and cut to accent his wide face and keen blue eyes, his duty robes remain unwrinkled, clean and free from wear thanks to a spell of his own devising. Forthin exudes a commanding presence that belies his average height and build. He maintains a calm and precise tone, and speaks with a clear voice of authority developed through years of constant service.

He never took to the idea that Wizards of War should exclude themselves from the work of others aboard a ship, and he actively discourages this behavior by war wizards under his command. More than one arrogant young mageling has stood before Forthin with soft hands blister-ridden and sore after a tenday of hoisting masts and scrubbing decks, and been admonished that one’s status as a Crownsworn mage confers no benefits aboard ship. One’s place must be earned.

As a skilled sailor Forthin is ready to take over a fallen man’s position and prefers to stand and work with his fellow sailors to keep a ship seaworthy in lieu of using his spells for that purpose. He has taken over captainless vessels and guided such ships safely to their home port.

Forthin eagerly hunts for The Monolith,[2] ghost ships like the Bel’s Blade, dragon turtles, sahaugin, and all manner of sea based dangers and oddities. He is not above working with adventurers and has taken the liberty of granting “field charters” to oceangoing adventurers who put down pirates and other dangers of the Dragonmere.

Forthin is currently serving aboard the Lammath Drios, a small, swift sailing vessel crewed by veteran Blue Dragons but disguised as merchant ship, that runs cargo between the ports of Suzail, Teziir, Palagarr (on the isle of Prespur) and Marsember.

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[1] Ed Greenwood talked about the Bel’s Blade and other haunted ships that ply the waters of the Realms on the first iteration of, but sadly that post was lost. My thanks go to Matt James for hosting the Ed Q&A that brought us the Bel’s Blade and other cool elements of the Realms not seen anywhere else.

[2] See the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page 106.


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