Jorbril Rammastar

Jorbril is one of six Wizards of War assigned to watch over the Blueleaf Gate, near Eveningstar.[1] The six wizards, known as Blueleaf Sentinels for their assigned duty, keep watch in pairs for eight hour shifts. Jorbril, as the most experienced war wizard in the group, is known as the Blueleaf Warden. All reside in or near Eveningstar.

By standing order Blueleaf Sentinels do not challenge anyone using the gate. Instead they observe and report to Jorbril the comings and goings of all who enter or exit the gate. Such reports are made either in person or by magical sending at the end of a watch shift.

Jorbril catalogs these reports, along with his own observations, in a journal that is delivered to his Blueleaf Warden counterpart (and immediate superior) in Suzail. Such deliveries are made in person by Jorbril, in the shadows beneath the trees of the Royal Gardens where those who enter the Eveningstar side of the Blueleaf Gate appear. The journals of both Wardens are reviewed by the Lord Warder, Vainrence, and then left to collect dust among the ever growing mass of Dark Documents kept by the Wizards of War in the bowels of the Royal Court.

Jorbril collects from his counterpart a fresh journal for the coming month. Aside from a few moments of shared pleasantries and the receipt of new orders, Jorbril does not tarry in Suzail, preferring to depart as quickly as possible for home.

The start of a new month sees Jorbril renewing the hanging spells that silently alert any Sentinel when someone steps near the Blueleaf gate or when the gate is activated. Jorbril prefers to cast these spells the old way: seated behind the gate exit, letting his eyes unfocus, watching as the ebb and flow of magic becomes visible, feeling that flow through his person, and drawing on it to form connections to this six mages he commands.[2]

A tall, muscular man with deep brown eyes, long black hair and a full beard to match, Jorbril can only be found in his war wizard atire while on duty at the gate. Otherwise he dresses as a simple commoner, and spends his days either walking through the King’s Wood or tending with practiced hands his field of plantings near the small hovel that he calls home, located on the High Pasture just outside of Eveningstar. When in need of supplies Jorbril travels by foot to Eveningstar, quietly humming to himself the lyrics to bard’s songs about Cormyr’s past. Ballads featuring the mythical Sword Heralds are his favorite; it never occurred to him to wonder why he finds them so funny.[3]

Because of his simple habits and appearance, Jorbril is often mistaken for a commoner and has been sometimes treated rudely by traveling merchants, rides of Purple Dragons and outriders escorting noble-laden carriages on the High Road to Eveningstar. Few Evenor beyond the King’s Lord of Eveningstar, senior Purple Dragons and his fellow war wizards know Jorbril is both a capable and most dangerous mage.

There are competing tales of how the Blueleaf Gate came to be; Jorbril knows all of them. He keeps a small shrine to Mielikki in his home, praying to the goddess each day that the Blueleaf Gate continue to function safely for all who utilize it. The other Sentinels have reported seeing a lone, horse-sized stag lurking in the woods near the gate recently. Jorbril has taken this as a sign that Mielikki has heard his prayers and watches over the Blueleaf gate to this day.

Of late Jorbril has been troubled by blackouts on his walks, and on more than one occasion has awakened alone and with his clothes in tatters in the strangest of places: before a massive stone slab deep in the King’s Wood, before the doors to a noblewoman’s wardrobe (herself asleep in bed at the time, the sheets on her husband’s side of the bed turned aside and the noble lord thankfully elsewhere), and standing on the precipice of the Stonecliff overlooking Eveningstar.

At each awakening Jorbril found himself staring into a soft, silvery light that quickly faded, it’s departure heralding the arrival of an edged weapon that appeared in the air before clattering to the ground at his feet. Each time the sound of the blade striking the ground possessed Jorbril with the overpowering urge to collect the blade and flee with it as though his life were at stake.

Six such blades now reside in his home, each a question that Jorbril wishes desperately to answer.

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[1] See Volo’s Guide to Cormyr, page 230.

[2] Every Sentinel is required to learn a handful of silent alarm spells (tellsongs and similar), most of which are cast at the start of a watch shift. Jorbril’s method of crafting links between the Sentinel mages and the Blueleaf gate is based on the way elves are taught to weave magic; he’s yet to find a Sentinel capable of learning this method.

[3] More on the Sword Heralds can be found in Volo’s Guide to Cormyr, page 225.


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