Jathos Indemeir

A long, thin scar runs the width of Jathos’ neck, a gift from a would-be killer who attempted to strangle Jathos while he moved about in the darkness within the prison city of Wheloon.

Jathos still carries the murder rope–itself salvaged from the remnants of the old Rallogar Hardware shop by the man who tried to kill him–as a reminder of his time as a watch wizard on the ramparts overlooking Wheloon, and as a spy and assassin for the Crown within its walls.

From those high walls Jathos has fought to keep the prisoners of Wheloon locked within. He leaves the walls to track and slay the ones who escape, for prisoners are never returned alive, and to infiltrate Wheloon to quietly slay prisoners who become too influential. Anyone attempting to unite the prison population is marked for death. Where possible, Jathos leaves evidence implicating rival prisoners in order to sow distrust and discord.

By Jathos’s reckoning he has slain more Cormyrean citizens than outside enemies of the realm, and this bitter fact is never far from his thoughts. Nor is the black irony that his accomplishments have caused him to rise in authority: Jathos now commands the war wizard contingent at Wheloon and personally reports to Ganrahast on the status of the prison city every tenday.

Jathos long ago buried his pain and anger at his actions behind a resolute and dutiful facade; his peers think him cold and emotionless. In his heart, however, lurks a furnace of anger and contempt for King Foril and Ganrahast. For each he nurtures a dark hatred and has come to believe both have turned their backs on Cormyr and its people.

Jathos is a conspirator with Baerdrin Ongalor and has supplied the later with several loyal-to-them-only Purple Dragons from the ranks of the prison guards, each man eager to be the first to put a blade through the King.

When Baerdrin initiates his plot to slay King Foril, Jathos intends to manufacture a revolt in Wheloon to occupy all the war wizards and Purple Dragons under his command so as to keep them out of the coming conflict in Suzail.

In the tumult that follows Jathos plans to slip away by means of a portal to Suzail, there to join Baerdrin and their fellow war wizard conspirators to slay Ganrahast once and for all.

Unbeknownst to Baerdrin, Jathos sees himself as a fitting replacement for Ganrahast and fully expects to be appointed Royal Magician after Ganrahast’s death.

His first act in this new post will be to personally open the barred gates of Wheloon and set its people free.

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