Tashlara Shimmerstar

Tashlara Shimmerstar is a stern, forbidding war wizard of fifty or so winters, who bears such a perfect resemblance to the former Dragon Queen Filfaeril, wife of King Azoun IV, that were Tashlara to stand next to a painting or illusory depiction of Filfaeril in her prime, an observer would find no difference between them.

A strict disciplinarian, Tashlara brooks no jokes or humor at gatherings of war wizards, particularly during Council of Mages meetings chaired by Ganrahast or his second in command, Vainrence. Possessed of a long memory and wits to match, Tashlara has reduced elder war wizards to tears with harsh rebukes and reminders of their past failings, particularly if those failures had anything to do with the guardianship of King Azoun V, King Foril or their families.

Tashlara is tireless in her pursuit of traitors to the Crown and threats against the King. Many are the death sentences that would be hoisted onto Tashlara’s head were any of her mind-reaming activities to be discovered[1]. Ganrahast has considered appointing her to the post of Alarphon, but hesitates only because she regularly uncovers conspiracies against the Crown and traces them back to their roots before striking them down.

Rarely can Tashlara be found walking the side halls and deep passageways of the Royal Court, quietly singing to herself songs of love, of lives lost and of acts of valor from the time of the war against Nalavara the Devil Dragon to the dawn of the Spellplague.

“Tashlara sings” is a watchword amongst the Purple Dragons who guard the lesser used sections of the Royal Court. With swift and practiced ease they quietly depart their posts for a time, to give Tashlara a wide birth and privacy.

It is well they do this, for many ghosts of the Royal Court gather as Tashlara wanders the halls, silently shedding ethereal tears and feeling the echo of times past in her song.[2]

It is said that Tashlara is not the first Shimmerstar to serve as a war wizard. A handful of elder Crown mages recall the name Valantha Shimmerstar: a pranksome mage who served in Vangerdahast’s and Caladnei’s time and was said to be a favorite of King Azoun IV and his family.[3]

But like so many other mages Valantha disappeared and was presumed lost when the Spellplague ravaged Faerûn.

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[1] Tashlara can mind-ream a subject without fear of losing her sanity or causing madness in the subject. She has taken great pains to keep this ability hidden from other war wizards and Ganrahast in particular.

[2] Including the ghost of Alusair Obarskyr.

[3] See Volo’s Guide To Cormyr, page 224.


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