Ombrier Thurlkast

Ombrier is a dedicated Wizard of War in service to the Crown of Cormyr. His accomplishments have earned him additional responsibilities and rights of access to secrets of Cormyr usually reserved for older, more experienced war wizards.

Ombrier’s duties involve personally relaying messages of vital importance from the Crown and the Royal Mage to Cormyr’s local lords and war wizard garrisons. For this reason, Ombrier utilizes Cormyr’s rebuilt network of gates as a means of traveling the length and breadth of the Forest Kingdom.[1]

It was one such mission that found Ombrier face to face with the ghost of Spellguard, Lady Saharel.[2] Ombrier dutifully relayed to the apparition a request from King Foril for the opportunity to speak with her at length, whereupon the spirit replied that she would accept the King’s request, so long as Ombrier and no other would accompany the King on his trip.

Despite the Mage Royal’s vehement protests, King Foril agreed to Saharel’s terms and departed with Ombrier to the Scepter Tower of Spellguard, where the ghost of Saharel laired.

The details of that meeting are a secret known only to Saharel, King Foril and Ombrier, much to Ganrahast’s consternation.

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[1] Of old Netherese construction, though some are newer and have been rebuilt in the wake of the Spellplague at the cost of many war wizard lives (such as the seven mages sacrificed to a gate connecting the Royal Court to the King’s Tower in Marsember).
See “Bury Elminster Deep”, hardcover edition. p.54

See also the adventure “The Door From Everywhere” in Dungeon 88 for an example of gates of Netherese make.

[2] This journey accomplished by traversing a gate located in the High Castle. A reference to this gate can be found in the first footnote on page 161 of Volo’s Guide to the Dalelands.


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