Baerdrin Ongalor

Baerdrin Ongalor is a War Wizard in service to Cormyr. Baerdrin is old, battle-wise and experienced, and possesses all of the qualities sufficient to make him a suitable commander of all the War Wizards of Cormyr, second only to the Royal mage Ganrahast himself.

Or so Baerdrin sees things.

Despite a lifetime of loyal and dedicated service, often at personal cost of loved ones and friends, Baerdrin has twice been passed over by Ganrahast in his choice of a War Wizard to be his second in command–the War Wizard Vainrence most recently assumed this role.

This cruel turn of events has left Baerdrin a bitter and disloyal man, and one of Cormyr’s newest and deadliest enemies.

Through a chance encounter with Erzoured Obarskyr, Baerdrin has come to see the King’s nephew as unfairly estranged from his proper position of authority as well.

Thus, Baerdrin has gathered around himself a small, loyal cadre of similarly disaffected War Wizards and Purple Dragons, and he seeks no less than the deaths of King Foril and Ganrahast, that he might elevate Erzoured to the throne and himself to the position of Mage Royal.

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